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7 Signs Your Brand is Ready for Lead Generation Services

Written by - October 22nd, 2021

New business is at the heart of every success-driven company. Steady client retention may be what keeps a business’s lights on and upholds the status quo especially in the B2B industry; however, it doesn’t allow a company to scale up in size and revenue. For that, new business opportunities, potentially from lead generation services, are required.


While not every company is able or willing to enlist lead generating services, those that do often find more sales and increased revenue as a result. Is your brand ready to explore the benefits of professional lead generation services? 


Take a look at seven common signs that indicate it’s time for a brand to outsource lead generation. 

New Product or Service Offerings

Brands are under tremendous pressure to deliver new products and services to market regularly. Once those innovations are ready for launch, their success depends solely on how well they sell. This is an ideal time to outsource lead generation services to craft a detailed plan to find the right clients for the new product.


When launching a new product or service offering, getting some outside help to find potential clients and to build momentum and excitement is a great way to explore lead generation services for the first time.

Outdated B2B Prospect and Client Database

Client databases are the foundation of every B2B sales and marketing strategy. These crucial lists must be healthy for them to produce meaningful results continuously. Signs of a poorly maintained or outdated client list include:


  • Incorrect decision-maker information or the company decision-maker is unknown.
  • Inaccurate email addresses or contact information.
  • Contacts no longer work at the company or have left the industry.
  • High instances of email spam complaints.
  • Prospects no longer relevant to current company objectives.


How Can Lead Generation Services Resolve an Outdated Database?

Database updating services from a lead generating professional are highly effective for resolving issues related to a poor-quality database. By carefully combing through a company’s contact lists to confirm, update, verify or disqualify the gathered information, these services provide a better picture of how to focus sales efforts.

No Lead Generation Program In Place

Lead generating strategies are key for a business to source and nurture qualified leads. Without one, sales teams are inefficient and largely ineffective. Many companies may get away without having a defined lead generation plan. However, this approach is often unsustainable and prevents businesses from growing.


Once a company starts to grow, increases its service offerings, or wants to extend its reach to new clients, a lead generation plan is crucial to maintain and strengthen the company’s health.

Telesales Efforts Negatively Impact Brand Reputation

Telesales campaigns can be highly effective and should be considered by B2B companies to supplement sales efforts. However, when done improperly or poorly, telesales campaigns can lead to low ROIs and missed KPIs and can even damage a brand’s reputation. 


For example, telesales companies that don’t follow customer DNC (Do Not Call) requests, don’t segment the contact list appropriately, or use call center services with staff that are difficult to understand, can lead contacted customers to think badly about the product or service they were offered.


To change a poor telemarketing experience into a positive one for your brand, B2B companies don’t have to abandon their strategy. Instead, work with a telesales provider that actively seeks to understand your target market and audience with proven market research and that will contact only those prospective clients that meet the determined criteria.

Too Many Poor Quality Leads. Not Enough Useful Leads.

An abundance of leads is great, but only if many of them convert into profitable sales. Pitching to poorly qualified prospects is not only a waste of time but prevents a company from generating new business growth.


Lead generation services designed to understand a company’s offerings and target audience will help convert a low-converting sales trend into one that makes both dollars and sense.

Overwhelmed Sales Team

A company with a team of overwhelmed and overworked sales representatives is a strong indicator the brand is ready to add lead generation services to its marketing and sales strategy. Professional client-finding services reduce the burden that overstretched sales teams face, especially for those dedicated to client retention care in addition to lead generation tasks.


For example, B2B appointment setting services are wonderful for allowing a sales team to focus on closing deals and retaining clients rather than sourcing new leads and cold calling.

Ready to Scale Up

Businesses aimed at and ready for new business development and growth are ready for professional lead generation services. Outsourcing these specialized services saves companies the high cost of hiring and training in-house talent. It also prevents a company from scaling too quickly and helps keep expansion costs in check.

Start Your Brand’s Lead Generation Journey

Lead generation services help new and established brands grow their business. At LGI, we help B2B companies connect with well-suited leads. For more information on how our lead generation services can benefit your business, contact our team.


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