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6 Ways Cold Calling Can Produce Quality B2B Leads

Written by - December 22nd, 2021

Too many B2B sales teams view cold calling as antiquated, ineffective and problematic. This notion is untrue and likely stems from sales professionals who lack the necessary resources and expertise to execute a successful cold-calling campaign.    When a cold-calling strategy is appropriately formulated and rolled out by professional outbound marketers, it is a highly effective method for generating qualified B2B leads. Here are six ways cold-calling strategies can help…

Posted in: Cold Calling

Lead Generators International Acknowledged by Clutch.co as a Top Outbound Call Center

Written by - July 17th, 2019

At Lead Generators International, our business is founded upon the principle that Lead Generation is not a mere “add on service”, instead, it’s the entire focus of our company. We are proud to offer this one service and because we only offer one service, we put our entirety into the work we give our clients. We offer our services to a multitude of clients across the globe and understand the…

Posted in: Telemarketing & Lead Generation

The Pretty Ugly Principle – How to Get Your Marketing Materials Opened and Read

Written by - October 17th, 2017

Do you ever get that vague and uneasy feeling that the marketing and sales material you send to your prospects gets ignored or worse tossed into the trash can? In today’s high-tech e-world, an old-fashioned approach to marketing- such as direct mail-  is not necessarily a bad strategy. Call it ‘retro-marketing.’ But if you use the same old techniques to direct mail there is a better than even chance that…

Posted in: Lead Generation

3 Secrets to Telesales Success

Written by - September 25th, 2017

Ever wonder why some tele-sales reps (any type of sales rep, for that matter) are more successful than others? Scratch the surface and you’ll find that they all seem to apply these three simple secrets: They find a system They implement it immediately They stick to it You CAN be as successful as you want by following these three secrets. I can’t take credit for them. I got them from…

Posted in: Lead Generation & Telemarketing

How to be the “Coca Cola” of Tele-Sales – 7 Ways to Brand Yourself

Written by - September 4th, 2017

People – buyers, prospects, customers- remember brands. Brands create trust because they are perceived as reliable and valuable. A good brand makes for good sales. So why don’t you become the most trusted brand of telesales rep in your industry? Here are 7 ways to do just that: 1. Become a Business Resource To be a strong brand, it is not enough to simply be a source of information (source…

Posted in: Branding & Lead Generation & Telemarketing