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6 Ways Cold Calling Can Produce Quality B2B Leads

Written by - December 22nd, 2021

Too many B2B sales teams view cold calling as antiquated, ineffective and problematic. This notion is untrue and likely stems from sales professionals who lack the necessary resources and expertise to execute a successful cold-calling campaign.    When a cold-calling strategy is appropriately formulated and rolled out by professional outbound marketers, it is a highly effective method for generating qualified B2B leads. Here are six ways cold-calling strategies can help…

Posted in: Cold Calling

7 Benefits of Leveraging Telemarketing Lead Generation for B2B

Written by - November 23rd, 2021

Reliable and cost-effective lead generation is a constant concern for B2B-based sales teams and entrepreneurs. In early 2021, HubSpot reported that over 61% of professional marketers cited traffic and lead generation as their number one challenge. In addition, BrightTalk reported that lead generation efforts typically eat up more than half of a marketing team’s budget.    These reports clearly show the frustration that sales teams undoubtedly face when determining how…

Posted in: Lead Generation

7 Signs Your Brand is Ready for Lead Generation Services

Written by - October 22nd, 2021

New business is at the heart of every success-driven company. Steady client retention may be what keeps a business’s lights on and upholds the status quo – especially in the B2B industry; however, it doesn’t allow a company to scale up in size and revenue. For that, new business opportunities, potentially from lead generation services, are required.   While not every company is able or willing to enlist lead generating…

Posted in: Lead Generation

Pay Per Appointment: Is It Really Worth It?

Written by - September 27th, 2021

Using external experts to find highly qualified leads for your business can save companies time and money. But, just as within any product or service industry, not all lead generation services are created equal. When seeking outbound call services, it’s imperative that businesses be conscientious about choosing the appropriate service and payment model for their needs. What is Pay Per Appointment (PPA)? When outsourcing lead generation, businesses have different service…

Posted in: Lead Generation & Pay Per Appointment

5 Ways Appointment Setting is Still Relevant in B2B Lead Generation

Written by - September 8th, 2021

Lead generation is decidedly more complex and nuanced in the business-to-business (B2B) realm than in the direct-to-consumer industry. Strategies that focus on human interaction, personalized communications, and targeted value propositions have become essential for businesses to nurture and secure qualified leads.    Therefore, marketing tools for the B2B sales niche must provide more than just a means to get content in front of the eyes of potential prospects. They must…

Posted in: Lead Generation