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Cold Calling Lead Generation: Outsource vs. In-House

Written by - April 3rd, 2014

This blog post shows why an outsourced cold calling lead generation campaign may be a better choice than the in-house option (hiring and managing your own telemarketers).

Out-Sourced Cold Calling

In-House Cold Calling

1.We guarantee our results in terms of qualified Leads.In-house you may retain someone and get minimal or no results.
2.An in house option may burn out faster than a Professional Cold Caller. Our typical Proposal includes up to 2,400 cold calls per month for each Caller.Your in-house Caller may burn out after the first 500 calls (or less).
3.We have processes that have been developed over 23 years to effectively develop the scripting and training to achieve results.Your in-house person may be far less experienced and may experiment with different tactics, burning bridges with your target market.
4.We set up campaigns every day and can produce results much faster (in as little as 1 week) than setting up an in-house Caller.In-house may take much longer to get set up and going; need to negotiate contract with your Caller, purchase CRM, acquire calling list, develop scripting/training deck, develop reporting protocols and set up a work space. Additionally, is there someone there to actually manage the campaign and/or Callers or listen to the calls to ensure quality control and steer the campaign in the right direction?
5.Our Callers assigned to your campaign make the required calls each day without distractions. Simply put, our group is focused only on your results.An in-house Caller may be pulled into meetings, spending time responding to internal emails, and dealing with other distractions. The result is reduced calling activity each day.
6.We are adept at noticing talent and hiring Callers who know how to effectively deliver a script and work with contacts to better capture information.Taking on a call campaign with rookies will yield beginner results. Not only will the marketing campaign prove fruitless, it can damage a company’s brand when the Callers making contact lack the skill to properly represent the quality of the product and services being offered.
7.We have Callers in multiple locations that are able to reach a wider group of leads in a geographical area and multiple time zones. We call all over the world, Canada, USA, UK, or anywhere else – we have even called Brasil. We can provide English, French and Spanish speaking Callers. We have the ability to do other languages too, provided we are allotted a recruitment campaign.In house may not have the resources required to cover multiple time zones, geographical locations and languages.

Finally, we would like to share a testimonial letter from one of our clients who engaged our services and then tried an in-house approach.

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