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Right For You?

We believe that a sure sign someone is more interested in your cash than your success is if they are all things. We don’t build websites, do graphic design, or create annual reports. Putting Lead Generation programs together that translate into tangible results is the only thing we do for our clients.

Making the first impression in the marketplace is something we take very seriously.

At LGI we look to build a relationship that is long term, after all, our clients’ trust us with their most important asset; their brand and reputation in the marketplace. Making the first impression in the marketplace is something we take very seriously. If any relationship is to work there has to be a match of company values and above all trust. Please read through the brief list below. These are our criteria to build a relationship with a client.

  • We do not call residences (no Business-to-Consumer Calling)
  • We are not the cheapest company out there. If price is your main criteria we are probably not the company for you. While we always look to provide excellent value to our clients we will not compromise standards just to get a job.
  • We do not work on straight commission – nothing turns a Prospect off quicker than straight commission Telemarketers.
  • We do not work on a Pay Per Lead/Appointment Fee Schedule – see our Blog to learn the pitfalls of Pay Per Lead fee schedules.
  • We prefer to work with people who are creative and willing to try new approaches.
  • We will not work with any company that has an unresolved complaint on file with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agency.
  • We will not utilize any deceptive practices.
  • We have to be able to have open honest exchanges with management.

LGI Advantage

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How We've Done

Since 1991 we have developed a reputation as a reliable lead generation business - visit our References section to learn more.