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Head Office:
200-4170 Still Creek Drive
Vancouver, BC V5C 6C6


Regional Office:
401 Bay Street, 16th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4


US Head Office:
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor
Manhattan, New York 10005

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Code of Performance

  1. A budget is a budget. Once we have agreed on a budget it is strictly adhered to. Our clients never receive “surprise” invoices.
  2. No aspect of your business or campaign is discussed with any outside party – before, during, or after your engagement with us, without your prior approval and written consent. Your trust is our most closely guarded asset.
  3. We expect to over-achieve our client’s expectations.
  4. You will always know where a project sits. Our clients do not have to phone us to find out how things are going. You will receive progress reports when promised.
  5. We are honourable in ALL of our relationships. Relationships with our clients, employees and suppliers are all characterized by honour and integrity. We adhere to strict ethical and moral principles. If something is going to jeopardize our principles or integrity, we simply won’t do it.
  6. We are a fun group to work with. Although our projects are taken very seriously, we enjoy having fun with our clients and many times have developed friendships beyond the life of the project.
  7. We will not work with any company that has an unresolved complaint on file with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agency.
  8. We believe in partnership. We tie our compensation to the results of the project. See our “skin in the game” results guarantee approach for more detail.

LGI Advantage

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