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Western Canada

Suite 516

47 – 20821 Fraser Hwy

Langley, BC V3A 0B6

Eastern Office

401 Bay Street, 16th Floor

Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4


Regional Office

14 Wall Street, 20th Floor

Manhattan, NY 10005

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We’re Proud of the Relationships We Forge with Our Clients

At LGI, our currency is our reputation. Our goal on every project is to perform above the client’s expectations. We don’t ask you to take our word for it. We’ll let our clients speak for us.



Read more about clients that have either agreed to provide a reference by telephone or supplied a reference letter, which is attached to their company profile.


Case Studies

Read more in-depth information about selected projects, their challenges and results. Additional Case Studies are available on request.



Read the positive reviews that clients have posted on Google Reviews. 

All-Inclusive Lead Generation Services


Demos & Appointments

Guaranteeing the number of qualified appointments.


Booking Attendees

Reaching out to participants directly.


Database Updating

Building the foundation of your business marketing and sales plan.


Market Research

Gathering intelligence on your target market.


Results Guarantee

Delivering on our promises.

Code of Performance

To ensure clients receive the best from us, we follow 8 simple rules. They cover all aspects of our performance, from relationship-building and communication to confidentiality and data protection. They spell out what clients can expect from us. And they’re the standards that we’ll adhere to – always.

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We are honourable in ALL of our relationships – with our clients, our employees and our suppliers.

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