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How We Do It

Seven Steps to a successful program

Step 1

What does success look like? We establish the goals for the program that are measurable and quantifiable matching internal company goals with our experience so there is a realistic set of expectations. At this point, we will formulate a budget and timeline for the entire project.

The LGI Difference – We do not burn resources until everyone is on the same page and understands every step of the process. If one of our competitors provides you with a proposal for a Telemarketing program without conducting management interviews and fully providing all details of the program as part of the process, you are about to waste your money.

Step 2

What are the conditions? We begin by researching the program and assess the history of previous programs to create the basis for what the market conditions are and what the message should be.

The LGI Difference – This is a critical phase so that the scripts created have answers to questions or competitive influences.

Step 3

Who do we want to target? We establish a comprehensive customer profile for the program then utilize specific lists and targeting strategies to identify the right group that will have the highest closing ratios in the most cost-effective manner. We also look for ways to supplement the program whenever appropriate with other marketing tools like the internet, fax and voice broadcast, or direct mail, building a complete campaign.

The LGI Difference – We use the law of “smart numbers” vs “big numbers”. We constantly monitor the program and continue to refine our target criteria to insure we are achieving the highest probability of success.

Step 4

What do we want the customer experience to be? This is the most important part of our process. We create scripts around the appropriate messaging and actually ask the simple question, “If our phone was to ring with an unsolicited sales call, how would we want to be treated?” Nothing can destroy a brand quicker than the perception that a company is running a “boiler room” campaign. Lead Generation is like any other customer experience, we all want to feel respected and like we matter.

The LGI Difference – We test our scripts and our approach on sample audiences and internal staff before going to market. We believe this is essential to our process to insure we have the right message and preserve your brand integrity.

Step 5

Who is going to touch the customer? In order to deliver the right “experience” you have to hire and train the right people. Depending on the scope of the program we can put together a team with the right blend of experience and a demographic profile that fits the market. Our employees are seasoned professionals that are compensated well above industry average for the results they produce.

The LGI Difference – Before someone makes our team they have to go through a very thorough evaluation process culminating with an “audition” where they are graded on our proprietary 5 point delivery criteria.

Step 6

Are you ready for success? We put together a program for follow-up and work with our clients to insure that as goals are achieved there is the infrastructure and process in place to capitalize on the success.

The LGI Difference – We provide our clients with a post-campaign strategy that builds on the success of the Lead Generation program and can also provide follow-up services if the infrastructure or internal resources are not readily available. We like to insure that all the equity of all the activities have been captured even in the case of people who did not engage, there is always a “next time” and we want to make sure our clients are positioned properly for future campaigns.

Step 7

How did we do? We conduct an extensive post-program audit that analyzes all aspects of the campaign.

The LGI Difference – While we design each campaign or program to stand on its own two feet we also keep in mind that it is an integral building block of a larger or longer-term strategy, so we extract as much data from the program as possible for review by management.

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