Appointment Setting for Financial and Insurance Services
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Client References | Appointment Setting for Financial and Insurance Services

Building Valuable B2B Client Relationships

Many of our clients were so satisfied with our work that they wrote us a reference. Read what they have to say about the benefits of working with LGI.

Appointment Setting for Financial and Insurance Services

Royal & Sun Alliance Canada is part of the Royal & Sun Alliance Group plc. Dating back to 1710, they provide a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to customers worldwide. They have leading or significant market positions in the UK, Scandinavia and Canada. Royal & Sun Alliance currently operates in 130 countries and has 20 million customers around the globe.

Royal & Sun Alliance tasked LGI with contacting a segment of their brokers to collect information and determine their interest in a new product opportunity. We exceeded their expectations, converting 36% of the database to qualified leads.

*Trademark owner: Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc. This trademark is used under license.

. . .

The Execxis Benefits team has been providing financial services to Edmonton and area corporations for over 25 years. When they required appointments to be set with key decision makers in the Alberta market for their group benefits services, they selected LGI. In the beginning, they were skeptical, as the LGI cost per appointment was significantly higher than that of competing lead generation firms.

But at the conclusion of the campaign, Execxis felt they received excellent value for their money. We delivered appointments that represented very significant commissions to Execxis.

. . .

For more than 10 years, Ascension Benefits Inc. has been meeting the needs of companies, individuals and families for group benefits and individual insurance and investment products.

Ascension turned to LGI to book appointments for their group benefits consultants. In the first few weeks of the lead generation campaign, LGI acquired a lead that generated a $15,000 yearly commission for the group benefits consultant. This was just one of dozens of leads generated in the first month of calling. In the first month alone, LGI delivered over a 500% return on investment.

. . .

In 1945, a group of Saskatchewan wheat farmers decided to pool their collective resources to start an insurance co-operative. In those first years, many Saskatchewan Wheat Pool field men wore two hats: carrying out the business of the Wheat Pool and selling life insurance for the new company.

LGI was contracted for a series of campaigns focusing on the company’s group benefits practice and general commercial liability insurance.

. . .

Accutrac Capital provides trucking companies with a continuous source of operating capital through the purchase of their receivables. This practice is referred to as factoring.

LGI was contracted to set appointments for trucking companies interested in selling their receivables for immediate cash. In the words of the client: “When we contacted Lead Generators International, we needed to achieve results immediately (within one week). We needed qualified leads that were interested in using our service. We could not afford to waste valuable time following up on unqualified leads, as is so commonly delivered by many low-cost, low-quality companies in the call center industry.”

LGI delivered on its promise, generating a high quantity and quality of leads for Accutrac.

. . .

Deboski & Company’s mission is to gain the confidence of people who are predisposed to comprehensive planning concerning business succession, retirement and estate issues. They strive to achieve this through the use of a financial planning process and information systems that assist their clients in making financial decisions they can be confident in.

Not every campaign is perfect, and initially this campaign started off with results falling below expectations. However, the LGI team worked diligently to turn things around. In the end, the campaign was a complete success. In the words of the client: “The leads from LGI’s work have been very positive and productive. LGI achieved the milestones they promised to us, and we are pleased to recommend them.”

. . .

A member of the IGM Financial Inc. (TSX: IGM) group of companies, IGM Financial is one of Canada’s premier financial services companies. Founded in 1926, it is a national leader in delivering personalized financial solutions to Canadians using a network of approximately 4,500 consultants located throughout Canada. In addition to an exclusive family of mutual funds and other investment vehicles, Investors Group offers a wide range of insurance, securities, mortgage and other financial services.

LGI was contracted to set appointments with companies in order to conduct lunch-and-learn sessions with their employees. The purpose in holding these sessions was to present information on individual insurance (critical illness, disability and life), portfolio review and investment services. LGI’s campaign generated a number of qualified leads for the client, and the sessions led to new client commissions, giving our client a significant return on their investment in LGI’s services.

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