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B2B Manufacturing Marketing

Building Valuable Client Relationships and Sales-Ready Appointments

Many of our clients were so satisfied with our work that they wrote us a reference. Read what they have to say about the benefits of working with LGI.

Manufacturing Telemarketing

Polecom Manufacturing Inc. is a high-end manufacturer of steel infrastructure poles and products. They also offer a complete product line including power transmission and distribution structures.

As with all businesses, Polecom relies on client relationships for their success and, understandably, they are extremely protective of these relationships. They didn’t have the resources in-house to execute a customer survey campaign, a lead generation campaign, and an appointment setting campaign. Instead, they selected LGI to perform these services in a short period of time.

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Pacific Safety Products Inc. is an established industry leader in the production, distribution and sale of high-performance safety products, such as ballistic, stab and fragment protection vests; bomb and land mine retrieval suits; tactical clothing; emergency medical kits; and rescue equipment. Founded in 1984, PSP has grown to include more than 130 employees at three Canadian facilities.

LGI was responsible for contacting government and private ambulance and fire stations, introducing PSP’s product lines, gathering valuable marketing intelligence, and generating sales leads from existing and prospective clients. We generated a substantial number of qualified leads for PSP.

As a business-to-business distributor, Janitors’ Warehouse serves the janitorial, carpet and fabric, fire and flood industries with both supplies and expertise. With eight locations throughout British Columbia, and a large equipment servicing department, the company continues to grow rapidly.

When Janitors’ Warehouse contracted LGI to market to their former customers, they asked for the calls to be recorded so they could gauge the customers’ interest. LGI did just that, providing the client with indexed audio files. This allowed Janitors’ Warehouse to understand the nuances of LGI’s conversations with their former customers and gave the company even more information on what customers wanted.

. . .

Rayton Packaging is committed to service and expertise in sales, films, printing, research and development, and manufacturing. Many of their clients have been with the company for more than 20 years. The staff of more than 100 people are based in offices ranging from Santiago, Chile, to Montreal, Quebec.

When Rayton Packaging contracted LGI to perform lead generation, they wanted a telemarketing firm that would represent them professionally and would deliver a high number of highly qualified leads. In Rayton’s words: “Lead Generators International(LGI) delivered what we hoped for and more.”

. . .

ENVO Drive Systems is an innovative engineering company with a focus on evolving electric mobility to offset the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. They design and build affordable clean transportation solutions for everyone.

ENVO retained LGI to spearhead a major expansion of their dealer network.

LGI was tasked with building a prospective dealer list; creating compelling scripts and emails; making the required cold calls to introduce the company to prospective dealers; getting dealers interested in the company; qualifying interested dealers; and then forwarding those leads to the ENVO sales team.

In the words of ENVO: “The volume of leads generated by LGI is keeping the ENVO sales team busy for months closing new dealers.”

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