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Medical Device Sales with Telemarketing

Building Valuable Client Relationships in the Medical Industry

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Medical Devices

Ultrasonix Medical Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes innovative ultrasound imaging systems and solutions.

LGI was contracted to conduct a series of interviews with Ultrasonix customers to determine how well their own product and customer support teams were performing.

The research data that we gathered was instrumental in drafting their strategic plans for sales and customer support.

This client will provide a reference on request by telephone.

Delfi Medical Innovations is a world leader in tourniquet technology, development and evaluation. Delfi’s patented products are designed to meet the unique needs of specialty patient groups, surgeons, operating room nurses, surgical technologists and pre-hospital medics. Members of the Delfi team have been extensively involved in tourniquet development and evaluation for more than 20 years.

LGI provided a double-digit lead flow for the Delfi sales team to follow up on. The campaign involved targeting outpatient care centres in the USA.

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Pyng Medical, an award-winning medical device company, partnered with LGI to boost its sales of the FAST1 Intraosseous Infusion System in the US marketplace. FAST1 is a cutting-edge resuscitation device specifically designed for demanding emergency environments and has been adopted by emergency medical services, hospitals and military medical units worldwide.

To strengthen Pyng’s foothold in the US marketplace, LGI implemented a two-phase campaign. Phase I was a comprehensive market survey to assess the size and scope of the US market for FAST1. Results of the survey showed a clear unmet need for a device such as FAST1, but also revealed strong competitor pressure in the marketplace. LGI then moved onto Phase II, working to swiftly convert potential interest in the product into solid sales leads. LGI identified decision makers within US hospitals, secured appointments with influencers, and coordinated with Pyng’s sales teams to visit hospitals, demo the product and secure new sales.

The campaign resulted in more than 300 new sales targets for Pyng Medical, an impressive 30% conversion rate from prospects to leads.

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