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Results Guarantee

Some people have a perception that consultants or telemarketing firms just come in, charge high fees and leave regardless of how a project turns out. If results fall below expectations the client is no further ahead and only has a bill to show for the effort. While we don’t work for free we do believe that our success should be tied to our clients’. Our fees reflect the results of the project. We put our “skin in the game” right along with the client.

Our fees reflect the results of the project. We put our “skin in the game” right along with the client.

Should we not deliver at least the minimum quota of leads we both agree to, we will forfeit all of our performance bonus and will keep working on your campaign, at our expense, until we deliver at least the minimum quota.*

In addition to guaranteeing the quantity of qualified leads we also give our clients a thirty (30) day period to contact the leads we have generated. If our client believes that any of the leads are unqualified we will replace the unqualified leads at our expense.*

*restrictions apply

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