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Small Business & Startup Business Lead Generation

Building Valuable Client Relationships for Startups and Small Businesses

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Small Businesses & Startup Lead Generation

RegIQ Solutions is a SaaS start-up company dedicated to changing the way medical devices are brought through the regulatory process. They have introduced MAGELLAN, the industry’s first Device Compliance Platform.

RegIQ engaged LGI to conduct an appointment-setting campaign for their product – 6 months before it was ready for the market. Despite having no software to demonstrate, no case studies or clients, and limited marketing materials, we rose to the challenge. The client couldn’t be happier with the high volume of qualified appointments booked and attended.

. . .

AwareBase is the leader in low-cost web-enabled document and project management-centric software, as well as a provider of complementary IT and business process consulting services including Microsoft SharePoint implementations.

AwareBase had not previously outsourced their lead generation activities. LGI walked them through every step to ensure a successful campaign. We generated a substantial number of qualified leads, which is now keeping the AwareBase sales team busy closing sales.

. . .

MDX Medical Inc. is a publicly traded medical technology company that has created AVID (Advanced Verification of Integrated Dose) software. AVID provides comprehensive visualization and analysis tools that allow medical physicists and dosimetrists to easily and quantitatively compare planned and measured dose distributions for intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

MDX’s question to LGI was simple: Could a telemarketer, untrained in medicine, really generate leads for a software solution used by highly trained medical physicists?

The answer was yes! LGI used a well-targeted direct mail, phone and appointment campaign to introduce AVID to new contacts. Of those prospects, more than 50% converted to leads. This surpassed all of MDX’s expectations.

. . .

Power Sports Online is an online classifieds resource for Canadian power sports (ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles). The company currently dominates Canadian search engines, mainly, for top keywords relating to motorcycles and power sports, includingused motorcycles, motorcycles for sale, bike trader, motorcycles, motorcycle trader, used Honda motorcycles, used Harley Davidson, motorcycle dealers – the list goes on.

LGI was contracted to sell online advertising to power sport dealers throughout the country. Rather than generating leads, we were closing advertising sales and adding revenue and profits for our client.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Power Sports Online was acquired. A large part of the acquisition was driven by the revenues that LGI had generated.

. . .

Blueline Safety was formed to help construction companies in Victoria, BC, manage their safety programs. Since then, they have created and refined a system that simplifies safety management and can be implemented by any employer in any industry.

LGI was retained to generate appointments for the principals of Blueline. At the conclusion of the campaign, Blueline had paid $8,000 in LGI fees and netted $64,000 in new business. The $64,000 is considered high margin and almost all gross profit.

. . .

Natural mineral cosmetics have become increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry, and Accents Cosmetics by Cheri manufactures an exciting new product that is revolutionizing the industry. Accents was looking to increase their retail distribution when they turned to LGI to contact British Columbia spas and salons to introduce their product and set up appointments with the spas’ and salons’ purchasing managers.

LGI delivered a large quantity of leads with prominent retail locations that Accents has since secured as clients. In addition, Accents received extremely positive feedback from prospects about the professionalism of the LGI telephone calls.

. . .

Dutcher Developers is a small business sales training start-up company. Even though the company has access to some of the best sales talent on the planet, they chose LGI for their appointment setting campaign.

Dutchers had no previous customers or case studies to support the LGI campaign. LGI was contracted to generate face-to-face meetings within Dutchers’ local area. Our work with Dutchers has been a resounding success with a high number of quality face-to-face meetings booked and attended.

. . .

Monardo’s Services is a small business event staffing agency. They supply frontline hospitality staff including servers, cooks, housekeepers, concession workers, porters and bartenders.

Monardo’s Services contracted LGI to book face-to-face meetings for their executive team. Not only did LGI exceed the number of appointments guaranteed in the initial test pilot, but as usual, the appointments were very well qualified.

. . .

Royal Auto Marketing (RAM) is a Canadian automotive event sales, advertising, training and consulting company that is head and shoulders above all other alternatives in the market. This is a very unforgiving business, and they needed a partner who could get to the right people and deliver their message in a compelling way.

LGI contacted automotive dealerships across Canada to introduce RAM and generate qualified leads of dealers interested in retaining RAM’s services. The LGI campaign generated a significant ROI for RAM, and they couldn’t be happier with the results.

. . .

Domino is a private company that supplies power-related products and services to a wide variety of industry sectors.

Domino was happy with the results that their in-house team was producing, but they are always looking to increase revenues and try different approaches.

Every day during the campaign, LGI delivered a steady flow of new prospects for their in-house sales team to follow up on. Their team was thus able to focus on closing sales rather than spending time making hundreds of prospecting calls, leaving voicemails and dealing with gatekeepers.

. . .

At SafetyTek, the goal is to reduce or eliminate the client’s safety paperwork through innovative software. The company has built an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that digitizes its client’s safety plan, thus eliminating paper processes to save clients time and greatly improve the accuracy of their safety documentation. SafetyTek believes its clients’ time is better spent on activities that build their company and enhance their safety culture.

SafetyTek contracted LGI to book demos of their SaaS software, and they couldn’t be happier with the results. Within the first 2 weeks of LGI’s calling campaign, SafetyTek closed their first sale from the leads that LGI generated. Even more exciting, LGI uncovered a prospect that represented the largest revenue opportunity SafetyTek had ever had in a single client (over 500 licenses/users). This was in addition to the dozens of demos and leads generated in 3 weeks of calling.

. . .

Navitax are a team of professionals specializing in providing appealing services for property taxpayers to reduce the substantial liability cost of property tax. In the words of the client:

There are a lot of competitors to LGI. Many of these competitors provide cheaper low-quality services, but because they offer more calls in their campaigns than LGI it can seem tempting to contract with them. LGI fees were on the higher end, but definitely well worth the extra money when we look at the value we received as the LGI team really took the time to understand our sales proposition.

In addition, LGI took the time to customise their delivery of leads to exactly how we wanted it so that any leads would be easily transferable into our sales CRM.

. . .

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