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Client References | B2B Telemarketing for Professional Services

Building Valuable Client Relationships

Many of our clients were so satisfied with our work that they wrote us a reference. Read what they have to say about the benefits of working with LGI.

B2B Telemarketing for Professional Services

At FireWise, they draw on their collective experience to understand the needs of their clients and to provide realistic and implementable solutions in all aspects of fire protection, operations and governance. FireWise was founded on the principle that decision-makers sometimes need an external resource that can provide dependable and fact-based options and solutions for the delivery of fire management and fire prevention services. To that end, FireWise has pulled together a diverse team of experts to meet our clients’ specific requirements. In the words of the client:

“The test pilot of 1700 dials is now complete and the results are outstanding. Our team attended 128 appointments (approximately one for every 13 dials made), 90% of which we rated good to very good in terms of lead qualification and interest in our online training courses. I should mention that the prospects had no financial incentive to meet with us; they were not offered gift cards or paid lunches, and the courses discussed with them are not free.”

. . .

UNIGLOBE is a leading provider of travel management services in Western Canada that specializes in managing the diverse and changing travel needs of companies and travelers. As part of a large global organization with agencies in more than 60 countries across six continents, UNIGLOBE Travel is a recognized brand.

UNIGLOBE was particularly adamant that their brand must be represented with the highest standards. For their campaign, LGI completed a 3-week test pilot using one of our Lead Generation Specialists. The results were outstanding: 23 appointments booked and attended by UNIGLOBE sales staff, in addition to 8 highly qualified leads.

. . .

Top Drawer Media is a multi-disciplinary creative agency that spans all forms of media buying and media management, both digital and physical.

LGI contacted C-level executives (Chief Marketing Officer, VP Marketing, Director Marketing) of the largest companies in Canada, based on their annual advertising spend and gross annual revenues (from a list that we sourced). Generating leads was no easy feat, but we navigated through a myriad of gatekeepers, executive assistants, and voicemails to deliver on our guarantee of qualified leads.

. . .

ACETECH is a training organization for CEOs of technology, life sciences, and innovative companies looking to grow their revenue faster with less risk.

LGI was tasked with multiple campaigns to exclusively cold call CEOs and register them for ACETECH’s educational and networking events for CEOs. These teleboosting campaigns required senior-level Lead Generation Specialists who could connect with the senior executives on the ACETECH list of cold-calling prospects. As a result of LGI’s work, ACETECH’s events were booked to capacity.

. . .

For over 40 years, the McQuaig Institute has been developing behavioural assessment tools servicing many Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller accounts globally. After using another telemarketing company to generate leads with very poor results, McQuaig was understandably very skeptical that LGI could achieve better results.

Not only did LGI deliver a large number of highly qualified leads, but McQuaig reports that compared with all their marketing activities in recent years, the LGI program generated the most leads and to date has provided the greatest ROI on marketing dollars.

. . .

Infosurv, Inc. is a market research firm based in the heart of the Buckhead business district in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception in 1998, Infosurv has established itself as a recognized leader in the field of online survey research. A privately held corporation, they have served clients in a wide variety of industries and geographies.

Their years of experience and expertise have made them the trusted online survey provider to 200+ Fortune 500 corporations, major government agencies, national associations, smaller companies and non-profit organizations.

Tasked with setting appointments with Fortune 500 executive marketing VPs, LGI delivered meetings with a multitude of executive VPs, which filled the Infosurv sales pipeline.

This client has agreed to provide a reference by telephone.

Wolfco Bailiffs has been a successful bailiff and collection operation since 1999, with over 20 years of combined industry experience and expertise. They have acted for some of Canada’s most reputable companies.

Wolfco Bailiffs wanted sales leads generated, new clients secured, and after-sales support. LGI rose to the challenge and generated a significant volume of new business for the company’s collection and bailiff divisions.

. . .

The Beacon Group is a Canada-based organizational effectiveness consulting firm with a wide and diverse range of clients across North America and around the world.

LGI was tasked with contacting C-suite HR executives in North America and setting appointments to discuss The Beacon Group employee survey products.

LGI outperformed all the company’s other marketing channels, including relationship building and online advertising. In fact, in Beacon’s words: “The volume and quality of leads surpassed anything we have done.”

. . .

The Business Improvement Group specializes in providing services to clients that wish to take advantage of the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit Program with Canada Revenue Agency.

LGI was tasked with setting appointments with CFOs to discuss the SR&ED program.

The Business Improvement Group was most impressed by the quality and depth of market intelligence of the appointments that LGI set.

. . .

JB&Co is a private equity firm that was looking for a new channel to increase the number of prospects who are interested in private equity or in selling their business within 2 years.

LGI was contracted to set qualified appointments for the principals of the company to meet with business owners seeking private equity or to exit their business.

In the words of the client: “Our experience working with LGI was excellent! LGI excelled in all critical areas. They were extremely responsive to our requests, were strategic in their planning and execution, and set numerous qualified appointments for us to connect with people who need our services.”

. . .

The strategic partnership of Motus Design Group and ROK Software was formed as a unique vision of a product design and software company that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to develop innovative ideas and bring them from concept to production.

LGI was tasked with securing appointments with C-suite engineering executives at various companies across North America. Motus ROK needed a lead-generation partner that could very quickly understand the technical nature of the services Motus and ROK provides, so the LGI pitch was technical and complex.

Motus ROK said: “Our LGI Test Pilot campaign is now complete and to summarize their results, we were very pleased! LGI successfully achieved in all critical areas….Our campaign was executed flawlessly from the very start to its conclusion….In the end, we got exceptional value. We’re now in talks with LGI to retain them as part of our long-term strategy.”

. . .

Developing inventions and working with inventors require a unique skill set. Innovative Licensing & Promotion, Inc. works alongside inventors through the entire invention process to bring their dream to market reality. Innovative’s services range from early-stage idea development and patent application through to late-stage manufacturing, licensing, distribution and marketing consultation.

Since Innovative outsourced its entire licensing department to LGI, we have completed over 40 individual call campaigns. These campaigns require careful handling of individual inventors, negotiating with large corporations, and business savvy.

. . .

Silver Creek Media Inc. provides multinational clients with effective communications engagement solutions to reach customers, investors, and employees through virtual events, video production, podcasting, online marketing, and webcasting services. In the words of the client:

We have a large number of formidable competitors in our marketplace. When we contracted with Lead Generators International (LGI), they were able to reach a qualified number of decision makers and influencers within our target market and managed to book discovery meetings for our team with these prospects. Ultimately, LGI delivered a steady stream qualified appointments. We initially engaged LGI in a test pilot, and we were happy with the results (particularly the quality of LGI’s front line people) and we have engaged LGI on an ongoing basis. Results continue to be very strong.”

. . .

Eric Candelaria is an Angel Investor and owner of a real estate development company, Sekigo. He retained Lead Generators International (LGI) to help find him a suitable business to acquire. He provided his requirements in terms of; revenue, location, industry type and minimum EBITDA and LGI sourced the contact list, created a compelling script and email collateral and made the required phone calls to these businesses to introduce him, qualify the Prospects, and set up meetings for him to meet with these businesses. In the words of the client:

The campaign is complete and LGI delivered the guaranteed number of appointments both booked and attended. The engagement was active and feedback was bidirectional which increased the accuracy of the campaign. In my view, LGI provided a cost-effective search alternative to a traditional business broker by billing at a fixed rate instead of a percentage of sale.”

. . .

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