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5 Ways Appointment Setting is Still Relevant in B2B Lead Generation

Industry Insights by LGI

Lead generation is decidedly more complex and nuanced in the business-to-business (B2B) realm than in the direct-to-consumer industry. Strategies that focus on human interaction, personalized communications, and targeted value propositions have become essential for businesses to nurture and secure qualified leads. 

Therefore, marketing tools for the B2B sales niche must provide more than just a means to get content in front of the eyes of potential prospects. They must also:

  • increase a sales team’s ability to connect with potential customers
  • allow for honest feedback and useable data
  • provide a way to guide sales efforts towards more relevant or qualified connections.

One marketing tool that combines these hallmarks of a robust lead generation strategy is B2B appointment setting services. Now, if you’re of the opinion that B2B appointment setting isn’t relevant to current B2B standards or it’s incapable of providing cost-effective results, it’s time to reconsider your stance. Because, when professionally curated, a B2B appointment setting campaign can deliver a high-value B2B lead generation strategy.

B2B Lead Generation is Increasingly Remote 

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business around the globe, especially within the B2B sales community. Travel and in-person meetings have morphed into remote teleconferences, debates on LinkedIn discussion boards, and an increasing number of deals brokered over email. 

Despite businesses starting to open up again, recent data suggests the trend towards digital will continue and that over 70% of B2B decision-makers prefer remote human interactions. This showcases how a B2B appointment setting campaign aligns with this industry’s current expectations and trends.

B2B Appointment Setting Enables Accurate Segmentation of leads

Knowing how to interpret information about your audience and prospective clients is vital to determine where best to exert a sales team’s efforts while reducing the cost of acquisition and increasing conversion rates of sales proposals. However, the effectiveness of such measures is largely dependent on the quality of the lead being nurtured.

This is where well-calculated segmentation of a contact list becomes invaluable to B2B marketers. It’s also another way to benefit from B2B-driven appointment setting services. Professional B2B appointment setting services can be used to update and cleanse a current contact list and capture potential decision-makers best suited for a particular sales effort or campaign.

Paint Clear Picture of Client Pain Points with B2B Appointment Setting 

Selling goods and services to businesses in 2021 must go beyond just detailing a product’s specifications and features. Prospective buyers are more likely to recommend the purchase of a product or service when they can identify its benefits to their company.

However, determining a client’s pain points isn’t easy in our increasingly remote industry. Fortunately, services that help bridge the growing gap between buyer and seller are available. Examples include:

Information gathered from these strategies can be further evaluated to improve sales and other corporate metrics, such as brand management or customer service.

Use B2B Appointment Setting to Produce Higher Quality Content 

As our work environments become increasingly digital, producing high-quality content that incorporates client-specific, industry-optimized solutions resonates powerfully with decision-makers. In B2B applications, this type of content can be highly lucrative and is usually in the form of white papers, e-books, case studies, and other solution-specific information.

However, curating the content your target audience wants to consume and respond to can be costly. If a clear understanding of the target audience’s wants and needs are unknown, an expensive content campaign can spell disaster. Before producing content, conducting market research, – using strategic B2B appointment setting services, will save both time and money. 

Reduces Unambiguous Lead Generation Marketing Campaign Outcomes

Determining the ROI of many lead generation channels isn’t always straightforward, except in the case of B2B appointment setting services. With professional, phone-based services in a company’s marketing arsenal, it’s clear to see where that investment is going and the value of the sale prospects it brings back to the organization.

However, select a trustworthy B2B appointment setting provider that guarantees their results.

Excel at B2B Lead Generation with Outsourced Appointment Setting Services

Maintaining a consistent pipeline of well-qualified prospects is always the goal for any sales professional. This is often easier said than done in the highly competitive and specialized world of B2B marketing. To improve the lead generation results that your sales team can work with, try B2B appointment setting services from Lead Generators International. 

Tyler Dawson

President, LGI Sales & Marketing Group Inc.

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Maria Deotto

We wanted to secure appointments with the C-suite engineering executives at various companies across North America. Our pitch was technical and complex, and we needed a lead-generation partner that could very quickly understand the technical nature of the services we provide. LGI successfully achieved in all critical areas, including sourcing a call list, designing and producing marketing collateral to support the campaign, providing daily reports, and getting us meetings with engineering executives who were interested to hear our pitch.

Posted on Google

May 2022

Robert Eisses

We retained Lead Generators International (LGI) to spearhead a major expansion of our dealer network. LGI was tasked with building a prospective dealer list; creating compelling scripts and emails; making the required cold calls to introduce our company to prospective dealers; get dealers interested in our products; qualify interested dealers; and then forward those leads to our sales team…

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Dec 2021

Jalal Jetha

Lead Generators International (LGI) was contracted to set qualified appointments for the principals of our company to meet with business owners seeking private equity or to exit their business. Our experience working with LGI was excellent! LGI over achieved in all critical areas. They were extremely responsive to our requests, were strategic in their planning and execution, and set numerous qualified appointments…

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Sep 2021

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